2 x Zero waste ‘Blue shade’ oversized scrunchies


‘BLUE SHADES’ – 2 oversized zero waste scrunchies
(The blue shades could be from any of the examples shown.)

The humble reliable hair band has been upgraded! Our signature prints have been crafted into scrunchies from silk off cuts and hand finished in a London studio. 

These are limited edition; you will not always receive the exact print design as per the image shown but we will keep them within the shading mentioned. However the duo will always be identical.

Silk protects your hair

Our EKI Silk scrunchies are perfect for curly and coily hair. Unlike more common fibres such as cotton and polyester where unintentional snagging and pulling can occur, silk glides on and off with ease, protecting your cuticles.

Fit and care

We went ahead and designed oversized scrunchies, as we felt the prints needed to be bigger, bolder and create a statement piece in your hair!
15cm diameter.

To retain her vibrancy, best to dry-clean her.

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