Journey through the Deep – Peach Blouse & Skirt

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She is fascinated by sea creatures, especially the octopus in the mystical ocean deep.  The octopus is fierce and flawless; it runs, hides and changes colour to avoid capture, yet when need be, it turns into a predator.

With this collection, she explores the layers of female complexities, returning to nature to discover strength, vibrancy and a desire to be heard. She fights her fears and emancipates with a boldness and confidence that embraces the newer, freer ‘Her’ as the Eki Girl.
This is a journey of every woman’s self-discovery.

The Off white blouse has a deep plunge neckline coupled with the floor length skirt and high slit.

NOTE: The silk prints are a limited range and once we run out, we will not reproduce. Each garment has been hand cut, and so the prints may sit slightly differently. We ensure you a unique garment. 


100% Silk. Dry Clean Only. Made in the UK.

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8, 10

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