Meet Paul, our new virtual intern

Meet Paul, our new virtual intern from France who will be working with us during lockdown.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Paul I from France I’m 20 my astro sign is Leo. I think I’m an hyperactive person, I always need to do something like watching movies, play video games, listening music, make picture or scrawl constently on instragram see the news… But doing nothing is in itself an activity for me, it permite me to my ideas back place. I am passionate by fashion, creation and manual work, so for me the lockdown is not a punishment for me. It allows me to better organize myself on what I want to produce, create, or learn.

What is a typical lockdown day for you?

To starts, I try to wake up early, no matter what time I go to bed, I get up to 8 am. I take a shower and do my Pharell Williams brand Humanrace facial skincare routine, I take about 15 minutes to pick out my outfit for the day and this is a very important moment for me as this is the image I will give off during the whole day. I live by the sea, something like 20 meters so I have a coffee and smoke a cigarette by the sea when I have time. So after I’m ready to work or do my hobbies all day long.

How long is your internship and what do you aim to learn in this period?

My internships within EKI during one month. I am there until Febuary 6th. Then I am make an other one in French company in Import-Export

How do you see the future of fashion in this new world we live in ?

I think it’s going to be both complicated and full of opportunity. Brands are increasingly moving towards ecological, responsible and ethical fashion. We will also have to master digital trends more and more to have a head start, whether on social networks digital product presentations, digital shows as well. Progress allows for more and more interesting creations

How do fashion brands need to reinvent themselves?

To reinvent themselves, brands will have to dive back into the archives, rework the classics. Rework the corporate culture to always be innovative. Trust the young designers who come or are inspired by underground culture, I am thinking in particular of streetwear which is now working by all brands, but which took a long time to be accepted as a culture in its own right

What is it about fashion that you like?

What I like about fashion is that it’s the art of everyday life. It can be like a disguise sometimes. one day I’ll be dressed in a hobbo style with pieces found in thrift stores, then the next day dressed in more classic ways straight cut jeans white t shirts, and yet I’m still the same people. A movement that inspires me a lot at the moment is the Ametora. Japanese fashion reworking classic pieces of 70s-80s fashion from the USA

What excites you in life?

It will sound daredevil but the risk taking and the adrenaline that it provides is something that excites me a lot. Whether in my relationships, my creations. For example I recently created my clothing brand. it is called Broken Teeth Organism and the sentence that best sums up this project is “From nowhere to elsewhere (straight in the wall)” Which means that if this project does not succeed I would take a wall in the face, and why not cross it

What is the first thing you want to do when we get back to some kind of normal?

I think I would like to invite my parents to restaurants and then in the evening go to the port of my city with friends to go to a bar with them to enjoy life as I had the chance to do a few months ago.


Thank you, Paul for being part of the EKI journey with us xx