Lagos Fashion Week October 2022

EKI launched her beautiful SS23 ‘Indigo’ Collection in Lagos this October 2022.

Her Inspiration…..

Under a deep midnight sky in Nigeria’s north, a cool sandy breeze drifts through the sparse landscape. An unsettling quietness, an emptiness and a sense of hollowness in what used to be a thriving hub. Here they once squatted next to pits filled with cloth rinsed in dark cloudy coloured indigo, now dwindling into scarce existence.

Indigo cloth, an earthy colour deriving from leaves, flowers and stems of the Indigofera plants, was once the currency of trade of the Tuareg nomads  of the Sahara representing wealth and abundance.

The Eki brand honours the tradition and pays homage to the men and women who go through the arduous process of producing these breathtakingly beautiful midnight blue shades of indigo cloth.

Eki’s SS23 print is illuminated with a rich indigo background colour and her silhouettes take you back in time to a travel inspired collection, where silk kaftans, flowy dresses and turbans flutter in the night breeze with mesmerizing scents of oud in the balmy tropical air. The pieces are perfect for an everyday, casual style capturing elegant movement and grace