White kaftan – Butterfly pink print

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‘When I think of butterflies on the African continent, I think of bright popping colours that grace these beautiful species. We worked with a palette of predominantly neon green and fuchsia pink colours, allowing the prints to pop. Butterflies are delicate creatures and I wanted to create flying pieces of art that were both exotic and soft.’

As beautiful as a colourful cloud under the sunlight, like a vibrant snowflake floating and whirling majestically in the air, the designer returned to her love for butterflies.

NOTE: The silk prints are a limited range and once we run out, we will not reproduce. Each garment has been hand cut, and so the prints may sit slightly differently. We ensure you a unique garment. 

This One Size fits up to a Size 12.


100% Silk. Dry Clean Only. Made in the UK.


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One Size, 8, 10, 12, 14

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