Meet Imène – our new French marketing assistant

Imène compares Rennes fashion to London
(in her own words).

Hello! My name is Imène. I just turned twenty last week and I am a student, half French, half Algerian currently in London for a 2-month workplacement at EKI. I like fashion, travelling, learning new things and eating.

Being a French girl in London has its particularities… one is that I always make comparison with France in every aspect. Today I will be focusing on the way people dress.

I come from Bretagne and more precisely a city called Rennes.

There, almost (not to say all) all girls wear the same clothes. Actually, everyone goes to the same shops, as there isn’t much available. There is only Zara and H&M and we all go there, so consequently I always end up bumping into my schoolfriends, friends, or even teachers when I go shopping (and then comes the embarrassing moment when you realize that your 45 year old Spanish teacher is actually buying the same shirt as you… you’d better not wear that one at school!).

In UK people wear uniforms for school but in France we just go there with our casual clothes and it’s not necessarily good when everyone is wearing the same clothes.

I’m not saying that my style is particularly uncommon but I think it’s a shame that in France uniformity goes beyond diversity.

What I immediately noticed here in London, is that one’s way of dressing is always different from the other. Anyone can wear whatever they want and nobody will judge or even notice them, which I think is a great opposite to where I come from.

In London people are really allowed to fully express themselves with fashion.

Sometimes I like to get out of my house thinking : ‘Today I’ll be the centre of attraction’.

Why ? Because I won’t be wearing what all the other girls are wearing. Or I will choose to wear this special thing that makes me stand out.

How to stand out ?

  1. When picking out your clothes, do not worry about anyone’s opinion. Just go for it! Be individual. Everyone has their own unique style.
  2. Wear accessories that will make you stand out : something colourful can really make the difference.
  3. If you think you’re dressing too classically and want to stand out … why not accessorise with one of Eki’s scarves.

printed silk scarves

When I think of the meaning of ‘EKI’ (Center of attraction), I feel it could be used as a fabulous hair accessory. 

‘So if you’re looking for something special to wear here are some of the ways I have accessoried the scarves.  

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