EKI Print inspiration

The EKI Print Inspiration

EKI is about bringing personal stories to life on silk. The reason we work only with silks is because it is a natural fibre and is known for its luxurious texture. Silk glides on the body giving it that ’naked’ soft and breathable feeling.

We have built a narrative around the prints which always tell stories of Nature, Culture and Travel, three aspects of life very close to our heart. When searching for inspiration, we submerge ourselves in nature or get inspired by cultural travel, always with Africa on our mind. It can take months for an inspiration to emerge. Walking through parks are a great way to explore textures in nature and visualise print designs. Travelling furthermore exposes us to different patterns, colour shades and nature backdrops.

The EKI inspiration starts with a an idea inspired by one of our themes and we then work with a picture or manipulate a drawing in Illustrator where we play around with objects, sizing and colours. Some of our designs fill the entire length of the fabric, others are small designs set out to repeat all over the fabric.

When you buy an EKI piece, you not only own a piece that tells a unique quaint story celebrating life and culture but you also invest in our planet’s future by supporting a brand that makes conscious production and fabric choices.

The print process

Our EBEN collection was inspired by the designer’s Edo culture. The EBEN sword is used for ceremonial gathering to welcome in new chiefs in the Benin (Nigeria) culture. We played around with the sword and dissected it into little shapes.

Choosing to depict the reference to the EBEN sword is our way of keeping the heritage alive and retelling the story through our prints.

With our JOURNEY THROUGH THE DEEP collection, we took it back to our love for nature and were inspired by the underwater seaward on a trip to Sao Tome, an island off the coast of West Africa. The sheer depth of the ocean and sea creatures like the octopus and jellyfish with their variable shades of colour and movement in the mystical ocean deep, fascinated us.

Our BUTTERFLY prints were inspired by one of our trips to Mauritius where we came across an array of butterflies in a tropical butterfly house. We decided to dissect the butterfly and create this print:

As our prints tell a story, we take every care in ensuring the design pattern is maintained in the making and cutting of the garment. It is a very detailed process but you are left with a uniquely beautiful piece and this is all that matters to us.

The final EKI piece is an eye catching, fabulous garment, always made with attention to print positioning. detail. Sustainability is a key factor and integrated into our ethos. Creating the least wastage is always at the forefront of every piece we cut and design.

Story telling, bold prints, conscious production and natural fabrics are what sum up EKI.

We truly hope you love it, as we design for you!

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