Gracia – new intern

Gracia, our new intern started today. We decided to ask her a few questions, so you get to know and like her too! It’s her first internship and her first time in London!

Is this your first trip to London? What do you think so far?
This is my first trip to London and i really love the country and the people are very nice.

Give us a little bit about your background – where were you born? Where do you live?
I was born in Johannesburg but I am congolese, I actually live in France (Rennes)

What are you studying?
I am studying the studying of manager’s assistant.

Why did you want to work with EKI?
First of all I really love the clothes that Mrs Hazel is doing, those are my world, my origins and I am very touched that I think her experience in the world of work would very help me to progress

What’s your fashion sense like?
I don’t have preferences, I just like what is beautiful.One day i can wear some Africans nails, and the other day some classic clothes, I just like what is beautiful

What would you like to learn working with EKI?
I would like to progress in my english first of all, and discover the fashion world (how it works)

What are your hobbies?
I like surfing on the internet for checking all site of clothes, playing basketball, hang out with my friends and going to cinema.

What will you be doing when you go back to France?
I am going to continue my studies and prepare another trip in England or United-States for more and more progressing with the language.


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